About Sadao

Sadao used to work for a city council for 12

years in Japan, he was happy with the routine

work which brought a secure steady income,

but he somehow needed an adventure. So he

flew over to the UK in 2001, he

completed acting training in 2005 and

has been acting professionally since. It's the

acting training which drew him into massage


Through various movement and relaxation

exercises, he realised the strong connection

between body and mind. His posture

completely transformed and gained a positive

attitude towards life.

He started trying all these exercises on other

people and realized he is actually good at it

and enjoying it. He thought "I may have a

healing touch?"

So he trained as a masseur and since then he

has been working on both acting and massage.

Please be aware it is usual for your clothes to

be removed for the massage. However, if

preferred, your body can be covered with

towel's throughout the massage.


• Shower facilities are available where


• The massage will be carried out by a male



Many clients often experience the powerful and sensual sensation during the massage.

If you experience the same sensation,

please do not feel embarrassed as it is a

very natural body reaction which helps to

open up your body and soul. Only male clients are accepted.

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